Our Movement

Is Only Just Beginning


“Corporate Democrats have let us down, but our movement is only just beginning. In 2020, we defied expectations. Now we have a mandate to keep fighting. Together we can break the stranglehold of special interests and organize for a brighter future.”

— Jackie Fielder


What We're Doing

  • Corporate-Free Campaigns

    Democrats hold a two-thirds majority in both the California Assembly and Senate. But progressive change is still blocked by corporate Democrats who put special interests ahead of everyday Californians.

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  • Coordinated Advocacy

    Everything is a campaign if you think about it. But contemporary electoral campaigns work entirely differently than traditional organizing. Advocacy efforts at the state level often don’t have a collective base ready to show up.

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  • The Daybreak Pledge

    Special interests wield extraordinary influence over our state legislature. We only supports bold candidates who sign our Daybreak Pledge to push our agenda for everyday people, and reject money from dangerous special interests.

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Make A Difference Now

If you are dedicated to electing bolder leaders, enthusiastic about winning meaningful policy battles, looking for easy ways to help out, or just curious about state and local politics and want a way to get more involved - join Daybreak!

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