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  • Healthcare for All

    Healthcare is a human right. Guaranteed Healthcare for All means everyone has health insurance, even if they are unemployed. Now, we have a chance to finally ensure healthcare for every Californian.

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  • Vaccine Equity

    Specific census tracts are experiencing disproportionately high rates of new and cumulative COVID cases due to socioeconomic inequality, but these areas aren't receiving the most vaccines.

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  • Campaign Finance

    Corporate influence over our elections has ballooned to out-of-control proportions. AB 20 would prohibit corporations from contributing to candidates running for public office in California.

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  • Nominate a Candidate

    If you know someone who would make a great Assemblymember or Senator in California, fill out this nomination form. We’re looking for candidates with lived experiences that would prepare them for public service in office, a demonstrated commitment to their communities, campaign pledges, and a people-centered campaign platform.

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