If an electoral candidate ran their campaign the way the city is running vaccine rollout, that candidate would lose. The reality is you need to actually contact every individual, and you need to look at the data without playing tricks.

We ran our own equity analysis on vaccine distribution, comparing multiple variables and relative rates against one another, and found extreme racial disparities in who is getting vaccinated -- starker even than what's currently understood.

Specific census tracts are experiencing disproportionately high rates of new and cumulative COVID cases due to socioeconomic inequality, but these areas aren't receiving the most vaccines. What's worse, official information distributed in these communities is often misleading, confusing, or simply inaccurate and accessing vaccines requires significant and time consuming self-advocacy.

In order to ensure vaccine equity we are phonebanking inequity zones to distribute accurate information, provide supportive resources, identify systemic problems, and link people struggling with the system with dedicated case management.

Join us and end the racial disparities!