Special interests wield extraordinary influence over our state legislature. In order to break the corporate stranglehold, we need to elect corporate-free candidates with a demonstrated commitment to their communities. We only supports bold candidates who sign our Daybreak Pledge to support our agenda for everyday people, and reject money from dangerous special interests.

Commit to supporting:

✔ Single Payer Healthcare

✔ Investment in Social Housing

✔ A Green New Deal for California

✔ Public Banking

✔ Alternatives to Policing

✔ Taxing the Billionaires

Reject contributions from:

✘ Big corporations

✘ Billionaires

✘ PG&E

✘ Real estate interests

✘ Law enforcement associations

✘ Fossil fuel companies

✘ Companies that contract with ICE or CBP, or their executives

✘ Pharmaceutical companies

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