[Article] CAPITOL WEEKLY: Daybreak PAC hopes to push Legislature leftward

By Joaquin Romero

On March 23, about 80 people gathered on a Zoom call to launch Daybreak PAC, a political action committee aimed at moving the California Legislature to the left by supporting progressive candidates and policies...

Daybreak PAC hopes to recruit a slate of candidates running for seats in state government focusing on five Senate seats –Senate Districts 6, 10, 18, 36 and 40 — that will be vacant in 2022.

Daybreak has also taken note of the 28% of the state Assembly that will be vacant come 2024.

To qualify, Daybreak candidates are expected to include a variety of progressive policies in their political platforms, such as increased investment in social housing, public schools, single-payer healthcare and a Green New Deal for California.

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[Article] SF PUBLIC PRESS: Campaign Phone Bankers Pivot to Vaccine Outreach

By Laura Wenus

Half of San Francisco’s population over the age of 16 has received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine. And among people 65 and older, 82% have gotten a shot. But one group of local organizers is concerned that there is more work to be done to reach seniors especially in the areas that the coronavirus pandemic hit the hardest. 

Former state senate candidate and public bank advocate Jackie Fielder recently launched a political action committee, Daybreak PAC, and has shifted some campaign organizing infrastructure toward a vaccine access effort. Some phone bank volunteers now make calls to seniors living in neighborhoods like the Bayview, to ask if they would like to get vaccinated and if they face any barriers to doing so. “Civic” talked with Fielder and with one such phone banker, Sayuri Falconer, about the initiative.

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[Article] NEWSBREAK: San Francisco Board of Supervisors vote to support AB 20, ban corporate contributions to candidates statewide

By Ian Firstenberg

San Francisco's Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to support a resolution introduced by Supervisor Dean Preston, authored by Daybreak PAC Executive Director Jackie Fielder that would support Assembly Bill 20, which would prohibit a candidate from receiving a contribution from a business entity.

The revolutionary resolution would put California with 22 other states that have already imposed bans on corporate contributions to candidates campaigning for elected office and San Francisco has passed a similar ordinance locally.

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[Article] SF EXAMINER: Will our lawmakers have the courage to sponsor campaign finance reform?

By Jackie Fielder

Corporations are not charitable organizations. They have a fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders, not the general public. Every action they take serves to maximize profits and campaign contributions are no exception. If Chevron cuts a check supporting a candidate, they do so to advance their own interests.

Corporate influence over our elections has ballooned to out-of-control proportions. Last year, a mere five companies — Uber, Lyft, Postmates, DoorDash, and Instacart — spent more than $200 million in support of Prop 22, accounting for 28.5-percent of total spending on state-level ballot measures and making Prop 22 the most expensive in California history. When it comes to elected officials, the influence of campaign contributions on policy-making is undeniable.

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[Article] SF EXAMINER: Supes back bill banning corporate campaign contributions

By Olivia Wynkoop

Jackie Fielder, a former state Senate candidate and executive director of Daybreak, a progressive politicial action committee, said Californians deserve to be represented without undue influence of corporations, and referred to the $244 million that rideshare and delivery services spent last year to pass Proposition 22, which allows companies including Uber, Lyft and Doordash to define their workers as independent contractors.

“Make no mistake, corporations are just going to continue to have a stranglehold on elections if we don’t reign this in,” Fielder said.

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[Mention] COMMON DREAMS: Jayapal, House Dems Propose Constitutional Amendment to End Corporate Personhood

By Brett Wilkins

Press conference host Jackie Fielder—an Indigenous educator and activist who, unlike her opponent, took a clean money pledge in her grassroots-driven yet ultimately unsuccessful 2020 bid for the California Senate—said she strongly supports banning corporate campaign contributions. 

"It was incredibly challenging to face an incumbent who has long taken money from corporations," Fielder told Common Dreams. "My opponent could call any corporation with business before the legislature and secure 'max-out' donations...

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[Press Release] SF Board of Supervisors votes to support possible statewide ban on corporate contributions to California candidates

On Tuesday, April 6th, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted to support Assembly Bill 20 (Lee and Kalra), a ban on corporate contributions to candidates statewide. Locally, the supporting resolution was introduced by Supervisor Dean Preston, and backed by Daybreak Executive Director Jackie Fielder, a former corporate-free candidate for State Senate. AB 20 would prohibit a candidate for elective office in California from receiving a contribution from a business entity, and a business entity from making a contribution to a candidate for elective office. 

This morning, Assemblymembers Kalra and Lee joined Supervisors Preston, Ronen and Haney along with Jackie Fielder to voice support. Ronen and Haney are both members of the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee, a board on which many State electeds sit.

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[Press Release] Daybreak PAC announces first corporate-free candidate endorsement: Fatima Iqbal-Zubair for Assembly

On Monday, April 5 Daybreak Political Action announced its first endorsement for the 2022 election cycle. Fatima Iqbal-Zubair (Assembly District 64), an educator, immigrant, and mother, would be the first woman elected to represent her assembly district, and the first Muslim elected to the California State Assembly.

“Fatima represents the future of California that we all deserve,” said Daybreak Executive Director Jackie Fielder. “We’re proud to throw our full support for her corporate- and fossil-free campaign.”

Fatima Iqbal-Zubair’s platform emphasizes quality public education, dismantling environmental racism, ensuring housing as a human right, and immigration justice...

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[Press Release] Daybreak PAC identifies vaccine equity gaps among Hunters Point seniors

On Wednesday, March 31 the Daybreak Political Action Committee created by Jackie Fielder announced results from phone banking nearly four hundred seniors 65 and older in Hunters Point with resources and information about COVID-19 vaccination.

“About 22% of people we speak with still need support accessing a vaccine,” said Daybreak founder and Executive Director Jackie Fielder. “For those facing complex barriers, we’ve been able to connect them to dedicated case management through their District Supervisor.”

While the Department of Public Health lists the 94124 zip code as “above average” for per capita vaccinations, Daybreak’s vaccine equity phone banks have identified pockets where vaccination barriers remain...

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[Article] SF WEEKLY: Jackie Fielder Creates Progressive PAC

By Benjamin Schneider

Democratic state legislators who don’t support California’s fracking ban, social housing push, or healthcare for all proposal, have officially been put on notice. Jackie Fielder is watching you. 

The progressive activist is now working to direct the momentum from her own insurgent state Senate campaign to other candidates for statewide office. 

On Wednesday night, Fielder and her former campaign director Róisín Isner announced the formation of Daybreak PAC, a political action committee that will support candidates who pledge to fight for the climate, affordable housing, and universal healthcare — and reject donations from billionaires and corporations. The group will be focused on winning seats in the state Senate and Assembly...

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